Clusters in Central Germany

The economic region consisting of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia contains an above-average concentration of interrelated companies and research centres in a number of broad sectors. These ‘clusters’ create regional competitive advantages and jobs – and help to sharpen the region’s profile.

The cluster process in Central Germany
The Central Germany Metropolitan Region supports the formation of clusters in those interrelated sectors with an above-average concentration of businesses and research institutes in Central Germany (and beyond).

German Cluster Conference
The two-day gathering of 300 participants took place in October 2008 and can be regarded as a nationwide introduction to the TCI Global Conference 2009, also taking place in Leipzig. Examining various cluster processes in Germany, the program aimed to portray the benefits of cluster processes.

Automotive Cluster in Eastern Germany (ACOD)
ACOD is an inter-regional campaign designed to promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry. It encompasses the active car-makers in the five states making up eastern  Germanys as well as suppliers, contractors, research institutes, trade associations and other institutions.

Chemical Industry and Plastics Cluster
The aim of the cluster process is to become the leading European region in polymer development. The heritage of chemical production dating back several decades, the huge volume of R&D expertise and the broad public acceptance for the chemical industry in Central Germany form the basis for this industry.


Information Technology Cluster
Information technology in Central Germany is a powerful, highly innovative service sector whose impact outside the region is continuously growing. The some 5,000 IT companies based in the region employ an estimated 40,000 people.

Solar Cluster
As one of the world’s leading regions in this field, Solar Valley has the express aim of unifying organisation right the way along the supply chain. The planned investment could enable photovoltaics to become the leading form of energy technology in the 21st century.


Optoelectronics Cluster
OptoNet focuses the interests of more than 75 organisations. With its strong background in the optical industry, Thuringia is now a dynamic location which is home to world-famous companies such as Carl Zeiss and Jenoptik, not to mention a large number of highly innovative SMEs.


Microelectronics Cluster
Silicon Saxony is the biggest industrial association in the European micro- electronics industry and has more than 250 members. It was set up in the year 2000 as a network for the semiconductor, electronics and microsystems industry. Approx. 25,000 employees generate annual turnover of about €3.5bn.


Network Logistics Leipzig-Halle
Founded in 2008 as registered association, the Netzwerk Logistik Leipzig Halle started on the initiative of various regional logistic actors. This network is synergizing the performance of ca. 100 different partners in order to improve the business activities and efficiency of the logistic region Leipzig-Halle.

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