Innovation and sustainability

The Central Germany Metropolitan Region promotes the inter-regional organisation of a uniform, sustainable framework to strengthen processes of innovation and growth in the private sector. It combines and networks existing initiatives and activities, and also provides joint platforms for all those interested.

IQ Innovation Award for Central Germany
IQ is the only inter-regional ideas competition in Germany to be supported by the private sector and to be geared towards regional clusters. Every year it awards prizes totalling € 83,000 as well as a membership of the Central Germany Metropolitan Region.

Central German Graduates Congress
The Central German Graduates Congress is the biggest and most important job fair for students from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. SMEs find it particularly useful to identify new recruits.

Central Germany Future Conference
Every two years, the Future Conference explains international economic trends to local employers in an effort to strengthen the region’s competitive- ness. Themes tackled since 2001 include factors essential to a region’s development such as creativity, corporation, growth and its external image.



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Dr Klaus Wittenbecher, RKB Raffinerie-Kraftwerks-Betriebs GmbH
„The IICG makes a positive contribution to promoting young talent and creativity in Central Germany and is committed to improving the regional economic environment.”