The Industrial Initiative for Central Germany

The Central Germany Metropolitan Region brings together key corporations, business chambers and local authorities from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia with the common aim of promoting the successful development and marketing of the traditional economic region of Central Germany.

Vision and mission
Come 2020, we intend Central Germany to be one of the most attractive and innovative economic regions in Europe, combining dynamic growth with a high quality of life. For this purpose, we nurture innovation and competitiveness, and encourage close cooperation and communication between business, science, politics and government throughout the region.

Aims and strategies
Our aims are to strengthen the pioneering activities of SMEs, to establish sustainable, internationally competitive clusters, to make Central Germany more attractive to investors and creative forces, to jointly market Central Germany, and to develop a uniform economic framework.

Areas of activity
IICG’s activities centre on the following three areas: promoting innovation, organising and supporting sustainable growth, and encouraging communication throughout the region among decision-makers from business, industry, research, government and the administration.

IICG is an association and regional activity platform for the leading businesses in Central Germany. It encourages the main towns, cities and businesses to join. Day-to-day operations are conducted by a limited company wholly owned by the association. Town and city councils are integrated via the Supervisory Board.

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Dr Helge Fänger, Serumwerk Bernburg AG
„In a constantly globalizing world, industry needs to think bigger and bigger. The IICG has been supporting these efforts outstandingly for many years.”