Communication and marketing

The Central Germany Metropolitan Region promotes communication processes throughout Central Germany, enabling decision-makers from industry, commerce, science, politics and government to forge closer contact and share ideas more efficiently. This also helps to promote Central Germany’s image.

The trailer addresses young folks and informs about economy, culture and leisure life in Central Germany. The five-minute-showreel was produced to alter biases concerning the job situation and life standard in the eastern part of Germany.

‘mitte l punkt’ magazine
‘mitte l punkt’ introduces all the main local clusters and draws attention to the region’s strengths. As well as inter-regional clusters, it also addresses regional networks. The magazine is produced in both German and English.

‘mitte l punkt’ series of publications
The thematic magazine ‘mitte l punkt’ is published every six months. Each issue contains articles addressing one of the clusters in Central Germany. The magazine is available free of charge for example on InterCity trains and at top-class hotels. It is also distributed by an airline.

Printed newsletter
This bimonthly publication contains background information and reports on the latest projects by IIGC. It also features interviews, company portraits and points of view.



Statistical newsletter
This summary of economic analyses and figures is compiled in conjunction with the departments of statistics in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Appearing twice yearly, the first edition was published in late 2007.



IQ Innovation Award
Since 2004 the IICG awards the most innovative companies in Central Germany with the IQ Innovation Prize. This annual broshure portrays all twelve short listed finalists and winners.

Bildbalken Metropol EN Startseite
Mario Busch, S&P Ingenieure + Architekten
„We’re passionate about supporting our region, Central Germany. We want to actively contribute to giving this economic region a strong future based on innovation, growth and a high quality of life.”